The Top Lightweight Pushchairs for 2016

When choosing a pushchair, weight is always important. Not only the weight that a pushchair can hold, but also the weight of the chassis, as you will be pushing it around every day, along with an increasingly heavy child and any extra luggage. As well as making sure your baby is safe, secure and comfortable, you should also consider your comfort; with this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best lightweight pushchairs for 2016.

Baby Jogger City MiniBaby Jogger City Mini GT
The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a new and improved model, with subtle changes made to the original City Mini based on customer feedback. Weighing in at only 8.86kg, the seating unit can hold up to 29kg (with the double version holding 29kg per seat). The main changes from the standard City Mini are to the seating unit – the seats are now deeper, wider and taller than before to help provide a more comfortable ride for the passenger. As well as increasing the size, more padding has also been added to the seating fabric, so your child won’t feel the frame through the seat.

A further change is to the wheels, which are designed to be more durable, with improved manoeuvrability. The new tyres are polyfilled, providing all of the benefits of air without the need to fill them up or the fear of punctures.

Quinny Zapp Xtra2Quinny Zapp Xtra2

The Quinny Zapp Xtra2’s chassis and seat unit weigh in at only 8.7kg, with dimensions of 81cm x 59cm x 102cm or 95cm x 42cm x 29cm when folded. The small size of this pushchair makes for an extremely easy transition from vehicle to pavement, or pavement to public transport. One of the key benefits of the Zapp Xtra2 is that there is no need to remove the seat unit when folding to a compact size.

The chassis is compatible with all Maxi-Cosi infant carriers to provide a complete travel system. Infant carriers fit securely into the chassis, slotting directly into adaptors that are included with the pushchair. The Zapp Xtra2 can also provide a comfortable lie-flat position for newborn babies, providing the Quinny from-birth inlay is fitted to the seating unit.

Silver Cross PopSilver Cross Pop

The Silver Cross Pop pushchair is suitable from birth, to 25kg and has a number of great features, for example, the fully extendable hood with a UPF value of 50+, providing the maximum level of sun protection. The full reclining seat is the widest in its class and combined with a taller seat back and adjustable calf supports, Silver Cross have created a pushchair that is well suited to growing children.

Despite how long lasting the Silver Cross Pop is, it has a weight of only 7.2kg. The lightweight chassis combines well with wheels that can either be locked inline, or left to swivel freely – ideal for manoeuvring busy streets. To ensure a comfortable push, the lightweight chassis is combined with ergonomic soft grip handles.

Bugaboo Bee3Bugaboo Bee3

The Bugaboo Bee3 is designed specifically for parents who live busy, city lifestyles. Suitable for newborn baby to toddler, the chassis and seat weigh 8.7kg and are suitable for a child of up to 17kg. At such a low weight and compact size, the Bee3 is ideal for helping you to stay on the move, no matter what form of transport you take.

The seat unit grows as your child gets older; extending, reclining and reversing in a few simple steps. The chassis (including the seat) also folds in a single piece, making it easy to carry around and store in even extremely tight spaces. The Bugaboo Bee3 is no problem for any car boot.

Other special features of the Bee3 are an extendable sun canopy and a rain cover, keeping your child safe from the elements, no matter what the weather.

Armadillo pushchairMamas and Papas Armadillo City Pushchair

Mamas and Papas boast an extremely light pushchair. The Armadillo City model weighs approximately 7kg. The lightweight chassis combined with smooth rider-smaller wheels at the front and rear suspension make it one of the fastest and smoothest moving pushchairs on the market today.

Despite the narrow frame, the seat unit provides plenty of wiggle room to provide a comfortable ride for your baby, even when travelling on a busy train or bus, or navigating through streets on a shopping trip. When you get home, the chassis can be folded into a small size in seconds to be stored away.

If you need assistance in deciding which pushchair is the right one for you and your child, or if you would like to find out more information about these pushchairs, please feel free to contact BabyBabyOnline by calling 0121 744 6786.

The Jane Epic Matrix combination

If you are looking for a sporty number to transport your precious little one around, then you probably already know of the innovative Jane company. Their new Epic pushchair is really hard wearing which makes it ideal if you are always on the go. There are a number of unique features that make this pushchair a good choice for those with sportier aspirations:

• Hard wearing PU tyres have shock absorbing properties which make it a good choice for rougher terrain. They are also 10 times as durable as traditional tyres.

• It uses a new type of tubular chassis which is really light because it is made of aluminium and of course, the lighter the chassis the easier it is to manoeuvre about.

• Manoeuvrability is also greatly improved by the valuable balanced front wheel set which enables smooth, precise turning. The front wheels are swivel front and lockable.

• An inverted C shaped rear structure makes the model easier to push than an standard pushchair


In addition, the pushchair seat for the Jane New Epic is flexible and can be fitted front or rear facing. However, for those times that you are packing everything up and using the car, you will want a pushchair that is designed to work with a car seat, and the Jane Epic is fully compatible with the company’s Matrix Light car seat.

The Matrix Light is a newer model of the very popular Matrix car seat and, as the name implies it is a very light car seat. It is unusual in that it offers the option of safely travelling with your little one in either the sitting up or lying down position (patented) which of course makes long journeys much more comfortable for your baby.

If you are interested in the Jane Epic Matrix combination then check out our latest offers or see our full range at BabyBabyOnline.

What’s New? The Latest Maxi-Cosi Stella is Top of the Stroller Charts

Since its launch, the Maxi-Cosi Stella has gained top reviews and has been included in many people’s lists for the best pushchairs for 2016. The Maxi-Cosi Stella is the latest edition to the extremely popular Maxi-Cosi family, becoming the ideal versatile stroller which can be used from birth.

Maxi-Cosi StellaThe Maxi-Cosi Mission

A favourite among parents worldwide, Maxi-Cosi is best known for its comfortable and stylish car seats, developed to ensure the safest and easiest travel solution for parents and their children. Maxi-Cosi pride themselves on understanding parents, with their mission to make their products:

  • To the highest of levels of quality and comfort
  • With the environment taken into account when they are developed

Although they have fewer models of pushchair in their range, their 4 editions, the Loola 3, Elea, Mura, and now the Stella, really hold these mission aims true. Launched in Autumn 2015, the newest Stella edition offers a slender, lightweight and complete travel system to effortlessly move with families through the city and countryside.

The Stella Stroller Features

Though similar to its older sibling, the Mura, the Maxi-Cosi Stella is a slimline and much lighter stroller. With just a 53cm frame, the Stella is the narrowest from birth pushchair out there, and at just 13.5kg with the reversible pushchair seat, makes it an ideal travel system for challenging manoeuvers.

Like Joie’s Chrome Plus pushchair range which offers multiple positions, Maxi-Cosi’s Stella has a ‘3-in-1’ system, allowing you to switch to a carrycot and into a lie flat position, with a reversible seat to keep your baby content and give you more control. If you have the Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Pebble Plus or Cabriofix infant carriers, these can be fitted using car seat adaptors, to form a travel system.

What makes the Stella stand out however, is its all-terrain wheels, featuring puncture-proof tyres. This way, you can take your stroller along with you and your family through any landscape, from the smooth city streets to winding dirt tracks. Maxi-Cosi has really focused on providing a seamless experience, where manoeuvrability and comfort are at the core of the design.

Let’s not forget the on-trend styling and clever design features that make the Stella a clean, modern choice for the style-conscious mum and dad. In addition, the pushchair benefits from an extendable hood concealed behind a zip. There are black and silver chassis options, along with a choice of limited edition fabric designs, courtesy of Amsterdam designer Edward van Vliet.

As the newest pushchair feature for Maxi-Cosi, Stella has been formed taking the best aspects of their previous models and incorporating the latest in technology and design, to create a travel system that ‘follows you as an extension of yourself’ – the ultimate response to the modern parent’s needs.

To find out more about the Stella, other Maxi-Cosi products or our complete range of travel systems, please call us on 0121 744 6786 or email

Make Your Baby’s First Easter Special

If you’re a busy mum or dad the Easter weekend is a perfect time to relax and enjoy some precious time with your baby. However, there are a lot of popular Easter activities and treats that may be a bit challenging or unsuitable for babies and toddlers – think smashed eggs, feathers everywhere and too much chocolate! However, there’s no reason why your child can’t join in with the seasonal fun, so we’ve put together a list of perfect Easter activities, gifts and treats to make their first Easter occasion a special one:

The Easter Egg

A fun and creative tradition you can do with the kids is making them decorate their very own Easter egg. Although dip dying and going overboard with the glitter and glue may be too crafty for your baby, they can tap into their creative side by finger painting their hard-boiled egg with washable paint, or using safe and easy-to-use markers or crayons (just make sure the egg is stable in the carton or by you holding it for them).

Once decorated, the eggs can be used for fun games and activities. You can try out a little egg hunt if they’re aware of object permanence, by placing eggs at eye level and helping them seek. If your baby is younger, you could simply roll eggs across the floor for them to crawl after it, or roll one towards them to grab a hold of. Children of around 15-18 months onwards may also enjoy sorting colourful or patterned eggs into baskets.

The Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Toy

The Easter bunny is a must for Spring and there are a number of ways you could introduce it to your child’s first Easter.

  • Dress them up!: Get them involved in the Easter spirit with a bunny themed outfit that will make everyone smile, too.
  • The teddy: a soft rabbit teddy or toy would be a lovely gift for your baby which could be played with beyond Easter time. For a change from the Easter bunny, this Mama’s and Papa’s is an adorable and fluffy companion for your child.
  • See a real life bunny: Why not take them to a farm or petting zoo to view baby bunnies and wildlife? This would make a great day trip if you have older children as well and will give you and the family a breath of fresh air! If a farm is a little too far out of the way, there are always local Easter events on which, though may not involve real-life rabbits, will host family-friendly activities to make the occasion special. For newborns, you can carry them around safely and comfortably in a carrier, so that you and your baby can catch all the action without having the hassle of manoeuvring a buggy. The Baby Bjorn carriers are great for day trips or outdoor visits, allowing for 4 front and back carrying positions.

More than one is twice the fun – but doesn’t need to be twice the price

In a world where raising children is not something we take lightly, many of us have a plan about how many children we would like, and when we would like to have them. Of course, these things may not work out exactly as you thought they might, but often they do. If you are pregnant with your first child, and think there may be room for another in the future, then it is certainly worth making some of your larger baby – related purchases more cost effective, by ensuring they can be used again, or can be altered to suit having more than one little bundle of fun! For longer gaps between children it is simply the case that you may want to keep your purchases in as good a condition as possible and when you have finished with them, store them in an attic or garage until next required. If you are hoping to raise some siblings a little closer in age, then have a closer look at what is on the market and see if you can be creative.

Second time around

Pushchairs, for example, are no longer the simple items they once were. Most of them come in a range of colours, sizes and permutations and can usually be converted into everything you need (the technical term is a “a travel system”)! If you want to be able to stick with the same pushchair second time around, but still need it for the first child, then a great option is the BabyStyle Oyster Max.

BabyStyle Oyster MaxHaving two children within the same pushchair frame does make getting about much easier. Imagine how difficult it would be to have one trying to walk with you, or one in a sling constantly. But, honestly, having them together is not that great a benefit if the pushchair frame is heavy and unmanageable. What makes the Oyster Max model so useful is that the chassis is lightweight and manoeuvrable so it can take the extra weight of the second child, but still move about easily and flexibly, getting you around and about just as you imagined.


Many pushchair models will now allow you to add a buggy board so your slightly older child can stand in front of you facing forwards towards their brother or sister, but the Oyster Max gives you many more options. For example, the pushchair works perfectly for single use as it can be used for forward and rear facing reclining, and is carry cot and car seat compatible. In addition, for two children, it can utilise forward – facing seats, forward – facing carry cot and reclining seats (for a newborn and toddler), and two separate carrycots.

Find out more

Whether you are considering planning ahead for two, or have one on the way (and that’s enough to be thinking about for now) BabyBabyOnline has a great range of pushchairs and travel systems to suit you. Why not find out more about our services and products by giving us a call on 0121 744 6786.

The All New iCandy Peach Collection 2016

A favourite among A-listers and a best-selling model, the award winning iCandy Peach pushchair was the world’s first single-footprint double pushchair system. Combined with aeronautical technology for its luxurious engineering and design, as well as fashion-forward colours, the iCandy Peach, Peach 2 and Peach 3 models have long been a top choice for parents looking for highest quality design that lasts, worldwide.

iCandy’s achievement of providing an effortless performance and striking appearance, with a pushchair design to fit perfectly around you and your baby, has now reached new heights. The latest generation – the iCandy Peach collection 2016 – optimises functionality, from its compact one hand folding to being able to convert better than ever into a double mode of transport. This year’s latest model has been crafted from the innovation and successes of the previous Peach models, to offer the best in quality, ease of use and safety.

iCandy Peach 2016

So what’s new?

The iCandy Peach 2016 has taken on a fresh, stylish update with ten new colourways, with appealing shades of butterscotch, bubblegum and olive. The popular truffle and black magic colours have been held onto, however parents can now choose from a luxury-look leatherette handle and bumper bar. We particularly like the diverse colour and style options available, as the pushchair can be highly individualised. There’s even an additional chassis colour option, a modern space grey as well as the popular silver chrome. For a finishing touch, the 2016 Peach features interesting coloured piping on the seat and hood, a small detail which makes it a luxury pushchair for parents who want the best in cutting-edge design.

The revamped stroller has also advanced its folding process, as one smooth action allows the chassis to fold down and be picked up using the carrying strap, with just one hand. The 2016 multi-mode system, allows you to upgrade the single stroller into a double, however it remains the size of a single. The iCandy Peach Blossom converter makes for complete ease of use when out and about, so going up steps or fitting through tight spaces is not a problem in double mode. This makes for an intelligent pushchair ideal for if you’re expecting twins, and one that can grow with your family and adapt to your baby’s development.

As with the previous models, the iCandy Peach 2016 collection boasts a seat unit has a capacity of 25kg. All the original iCandy options of forward and rearward facing are available, for an unrivalled smooth, versatile stroller that’s extremely simple to manoeuvre.

iCandy Peach 2016 features

  • Unique one hand fold mechanism
  • Seat unit suitable from 6 months
  • Soft touch comfy grip handle
  • Extra-large shopping basket
  • Safety tested and certified to BSEN 1888 for the UK and Europe
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium chassis weighing only 7.9kgs (excluding wheels and shopping basket)
  • Large, low profile, durable, no puncture cushioned rear tyres
  • Reclinable, 3 position forward facing and rearward facing seat modes
  • All-over raincover included
  • Two year manufacturing warranty
  • Swivelling or fixed front lockable wheels
  • Unique (pop-up) one hand seat removal
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Freestanding chassis when folded

iCandy Peach Accessories include the blossom convertor, carrycot, hood, seat liner parasol and footmuff. If you’d like to try out the iCandy Peach 2016, find out more about our available offers or to pre-order your new model, please call us on 0121 7446786.

Nuna REBL Car Seat – Safety, Security and Comfort, from Birth and Beyond

Whether you own a car or not, when your baby arrives into the world, it’s essential that you have a car seat ready. If you are having your baby in hospital, you will need a car seat for a safe ride home, and even if you are having your baby at home, you will likely need to travel safely soon enough. Owning a car seat is not only important; it’s the law to use a car seat when transporting your baby in a vehicle. Car seats also need to be secured properly to make sure your child is safe and secure throughout the journey.

Nuna REBLFor any parent, the safety of your child is the most important element to consider when choosing the right car seat. It can be dangerous to choose a second hand car seat to save money, as you will have no idea what condition it is in, or whether it has been involved in a crash – a brand new car seat that suits your baby’s age and weight, and your vehicle is an important investment.

Buying the right car seat for your newborn can be very costly, as in many cases, you will have to replace it more than once as your baby continues to grow. However, i-size standard car seats provide much more for your money, adapting with your child so that they can travel safely as they grow up. The “cleverly convertible” Nuna REBL provides everything you need from when your child is born, all the way up to the age of four.

Nuna REBL sequenceFeaturing Nuna’s “one-click smart 360°” seat rotation, as well as exceeding the i-size standard that allows your baby to sit rear facing for longer, the seat is easily adaptable. With a simple click and spin, the seat can be switched into a different position.

Nuna REBL grows with your baby

As your baby grows, 7 different recline positions make sure they are comfortable, whether facing the front or rear facing. For a custom fit for your growing child, the removable infant head and body inserts can also be adjusted to grow at the same rate as your child, keeping them safe and secure.

Features for older children

Nuna understand that as your baby grows into a toddler and beyond, they get increasingly more independent – this is reflected in the design of the REBL. For older children who can climb into their seat unassisted, the integrated ergonomic footrest of the car seat provides extra support.


As well as the seat being designed to adapt as your baby grows, providing the vital level of support and safety, you can be rest assured that the seat itself is fully secured. 9-position ISOFIX anchor points ensure that it is properly secured in your vehicle, whilst the stability leg provides extra peace of mind, absorbing impact in the case of a crash, minimising force to your baby. You can also rest assured that your child is safely fastened into the seat by a no re-thread 5 point harness.


The Nuna REBL is designed with safety for children from birth to 4 years old in mind. The shell is manufactured from highly resilient, high quality plastics and steel reinforcements, making for an extremely heavy duty and safe seat. For the inner seat, patented tailor tech memory foam and Nuna’s smart SIP system featuring eps energy absorbing foam provide the best possible side impact security.


During a long trip, many car seats will start to be uncomfortable as the seating unit begins to get too warm. Nuna combat this by installing unique, airy mesh seat covers, combined with ventilation panels within the shell. Even during long journeys, the fabric allows your child’s skin to breathe and leaves them feeling comfortable.

If you have any further questions about the Nuna REBL car seat, you can call us today on 0121 744 6786 and our friendly team will be glad to assist you.


Pushchair or Travel System: Which is the right choice for you?

Any purchase for your baby or child will be an important one as you want to make sure it is right for them and fits in with your budget, but perhaps the most crucial decision is your choice of baby transport. We refer of course to the humble pushchair or travel system – the wheeled wonder that will transport your baby from A to B with you at the helm. Given that there are so many choices when it comes to buggies and travel systems, how do you make the right decision?

Here is our guide to the types of pushchair available and why they might be right for you, your baby and your budget:


These are a popular choice for parents as they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. From narrow models that are ideal for about town pushchairs to more robust models that can cope with a little off-roading, the stroller is a great place to start when selecting baby transport.

Whilst all makes and models are different, strollers tend to feature:stroller

  • Plastic swivel wheels which are lockable to prevent the buggy from rolling away
  • Limited suspension – ideal for navigating pavements and shopping centres
  • Split handles which means the stroller can be folded down quite small
  • Storage – usually in the form of a basket
  • Easy to fold – small wheel base buggies fold up to easily fit in a small car boot but they can compromise on storage space
  • Models to accommodate most budgets

All Terrain Pushchairs

all terrain pushchairFor parents who enjoy walking or who live in the countryside, all terrain pushchairs are an obvious choice because they offer the additional robustness and suspension capabilities to provide a smooth ride over bumpy ground. All makes and models come with their own key features, however these pushchairs will generally offer:

  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Baskets which zip or close to keep your baby items free from mud splashes
  • Single, height adjustable handlebar
  • A handbrake in addition to a footbrake – if the stroller is approved for running
  • Wider and longer than traditional strollers when folded – so make sure you have space in the car boot and inside the house for storage



Travel Systems

travel systemWhen you spend a lot of time in the car, visiting friends and family far and wide, a travel system is a sensible purchase as it includes a car seat as well as a stroller. These are a versatile option for busy parents and are beneficial as they can allow the baby to sleep undisturbed despite being moved out of the stroller and into the car or vice versa. Whilst travel systems vary greatly in terms of their style and key features, they usually share a lot of the same functionality, including:

  • Flexible seating options – car seat, carrycot or pushchair seat
  • Rear or all-round suspension
  • Single or split handlebars that are height adjustable
  • Compact folding models are available
  • Suitable from birth with lie-flat options

If you need help choosing the right travel system, stroller or all-terrain pushchair why not browse our site where you will find all the information you need on the latest makes and models.

Clever Child Car Seats: Best Picks

Having a car seat ready for when your baby arrives is essential, regardless of whether or not you own a car. A car seat will be needed for the ride home if you’re having your baby in hospital and can be used to provide safe travel whenever needed. It is the law to use a car seat when transporting your baby in a car, and must be properly installed to ensure that they’ll be secure and safe along the journey. As the safety of your child is key, choosing the right car seat for your baby’s age and weight and your vehicle is a must, and it’s worthwhile investing in, rather than settling on second best, or a second hand solution where you cannot be certain whether it’s been in a crash or of its condition.

Getting the right car seat can be costly, especially if you’ll need to keep replacing it as your baby grows. However, there are some very clever, high tech baby car seat designs available that give you more for your money – solutions that make travelling in a car safer, easier and can adapt with your baby as they develop:


nuna rebl

The Nuna REBL car seat offers a unique ‘one-click smart 360°’ rotation ability. Needing just a spin secure, Nuna’s helpful design, incorporating the latest materials and steel reinforcements, makes rear facing sitting and entering and switching of riding positions effortless and safe.

Its value doesn’t end there however; the REBL car seat exceeds the i-size standard, allowing your little one to ride safer for longer when rear facing. But a main benefit is that it is also cleverly convertible, making it accommodating for newborns through to children of four years. The Nuna REBL comes with a removable infant head and body inserts, allowing you to extend the use and customise the fit of your seat as your baby grows. This is a great solution for parents who want a secure seat without spending more on multiple versions.

With practicality in mind, Nuna’s REBL design affords seven recline positions to create the most comfortable environment for your little one. The seat is further customisable with its 9-position ISOFIX anchor points, in order to provide a tight and ultimately secure installation for your car. Click here for a full description and more of the safety benefits of the Nuna REBL.

Britax Advansafix II SICT

advansafix ii sict

For an effective car seat solution that lasts, the Britax Advansafix II SICT has been designed to provide an innovative combination of safety features for children of 9 months to 12 years. The design features extended 5-point harness protection until 25 kg and supports children between 9 – 36 kg in weight.

Like the Nuna REBL, the Advansafix II SICT model offers a practical multi position recline, to improve the comfort for children of all ages when travelling in a car. The seat also makes for an easy, one hand adjustment of the headrest and harness and can be easily and quickly installed with ISOFIX anchors.

What makes Britax’s car seat an ideal option for parents looking to enhance their children’s’ safety, is its advanced side impact technology (SICT) – removable deep, softly side wings to be used when they are sitting on the sides closest to the car door. The Britax car seat ensures optimal security and safety for car journeys, as its 3-point seat belt will offer protection for children and add restraint on impact. The full specification for the Britax Advansafix II SICT car seat can be found here.

BabyBabyOnline offers a wide range of baby products and equipment, to make looking after your little one as easy and enjoyable as possible. For our selection of car seats available to keep your child safe and sound whilst on the road, or to find out more about our products and services contact us now on 0121 744 6786.

Planning for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Spending Christmas with your baby for the first time is a milestone occasion marking a new period in your lives as parents. Your baby’s first Christmas will be a valued time always to be remembered, not so much for the gifts received, but for the traditions that you create as a family which will shape your festive celebrations for years to come. Whether your child is a newborn or nearly a year old, making your Christmas day special will give both you and your baby memories to be cherished and traditions to be set into place each year. Here we’ve put together a list of fun and easy activities and traditions you can try out for your baby’s first Christmas – see which ones will inspire you!

Choose your family Father Christmas tradition 

Will Father Christmas be delivering all the presents, the main one, just something small or none at all? Every family does this differently; it’s really up to you how the presents arrive under the tree, though often it’s best to keep this consistent so that your child can enjoy the magic without any slip letter

A fun and memorable tradition is providing a clue that Father Christmas has been. Here you can use the traditional mince pie and empty glass of milk, or you could let out your creative side and leave foot prints from your chimney to your tree. When your baby gets older, a good activity is to get them to write Father Christmas a letter, with the items they’d like and why they think they deserve them! An exciting Christmas envelope and letter like this one from Mamas and Papas, will encourage your child to creatively engage with the festivities, and provide precious memories which will last longer than the presents that they receive.

Fill a stocking

A themed stocking is a Christmas essential to fill with presents for your child and is a nice tradition to start early on. A stocking can be brought out each year to get your family into the Christmas spirit and make everyone feel special. If you’re not one for knitting however, there are many small stockings with materials suitable for babies that can also be used as a Christmas decoration to hang stocking

Advent calendarchristmas photo album

Your advent tradition doesn’t have to be one which is filled with chocolate, you can give your child a range of different items or get them involved in different activities each day. This way you’ll make the build up to Christmas day even more exciting.

A photo with Father Christmas

Although your baby won’t be able to ask for presents, getting a photo taken with Father Christmas will give you a lovely picture by which to remember their first year, but you can also see how your baby is growing each time. Start this Christmas tradition with the perfect Christmas photo album, which they can keep forever.

Hang a Christmas ornament christmas tree hanging

Each year you could create an ornament with your child to add around the home. It’s a great activity to spend time with your little one and it will give them items which they can keep and remember. You can also start them decorating the tree, which is a major part of the Christmas tradition.

Christmas Pyjamaschristmas pyjamas

In the colder weather there’s no better way of getting into the festive spirit than with cosy PJs. A onesie, like this ‘My First Christmas Set’ from Mamas and Papas, is perfectly practical for your baby to spend Christmas day in comfortably and to get them involved in the celebrative mood.

BabyBabyOnline exclusively stock a selection from the Mamas and Papas Christmas range, making you baby’s first Christmas a special and memorable occasion. See the Mamas and Papas collection on our online store, or call us on 0121 744 6786 for more

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