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  1. BeSafe (4)

BeSafe develops and markets babycar seats, child’s car seats, and bike seats and sports helmets for children. This is a Norwegian company – one of the world leaders when it comes to the development and manufacturing of high quality car seats for children as well as other road safety products.

All product development is highly focused on safety, which means new products are continuously launched, featuring innovative patents and functions for enhanced safety. They strive to lead the market with products of high quality meeting stringent safety requirements. Products like the BeSafe Izi Kid X3 IsoFix in exciting colours like Premium Black, or Sunset Melange.

Or how about a carrier seat in the shape of the BeSafe Izi Go X1 (in everything from Sapphire Blue to Lava Grey)?

BeSafe provides worldwide distribution through selected retailers represented in around 40 countries, and we’re proud to be one of those. It’s about protecting our most precious things – our children – whatever their age.