iCandy is a family company, established in 1993 who base their success on British craftsmanship without limits.

Using aeronautical technology (one of their key differentiating factors), the standard of engineering and luxurious level of materials used are more akin to those of a plane rather than a pushchair. And of course, the knock-on effect is that of effortless performance and comfort.

From fluidity of movement through to smooth handling, their pushchairs and baby prams are master-engineered for a seamless, safe and comfortable trip, making the whole experience a pleasure. Of course, the look of luxury, modernity and style play a big part too. Celebrity users of iCandy strollers include Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza, Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham and Elton John!

Babybaby online pushchairs are available in all colours and styles, with a selection of accessories too. Please take a browse, and call us direct if you need any help at all.