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Jané was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain and the company is now able to boast over 75 years of pram and nursery-industry experience!

A leader in the industry in Spain for many years, Manuel Jané Vidal proudly created a stroller for his newborn son, Ramon. It provoked much comment and admiration from neighbours and friends, which encouraged him to take the concept even further, through to a folding stroller – much more convenient.

When Manuel took his idea to one of Barcelona’s leading department stores orders came through just a week later! Manufacturing began in earnest, with many more product innovations to follow over the years.

Children’s safety is paramount when it comes to development and research into new products, and this company always aims to exceed industry regulations. They produce revolutionary products from pushchairs to baby accessories, Jane changing bags, Jane stroller raincovers and so much more.