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The Mima brand aims to create positive experiences for babies and parents, and since their launch that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. The company has a mantra involving three key words, DESIGN (‘our life, our passion’); INNOVATION (about finding improved ways of fulfilling needs and desires - design would be senseless without innovation) and QUALITY (the glue that brings design and innovation together to create great products).

And it seems it’s working. The website Made For Mums was raving about Mima saying, “When MFM received an invite to ‘the pushchair launch of 2011’, we took it with a pinch of salt. After all, we’ve seen plenty of nursery labels claiming to be the biggest, the best, the one and only. But then we twigged - could this be the Mima we spied two years ago on our mission to the world’s largest baby trade fair in Germany? The one that bagged itself a coveted Kind + Jugend Innovation Award in 2009? Those Mima buggies were chic and elegant, verging on space age. And those Mima buggies weren’t available in the UK. Well, it turns out, it is the same Mima! And it very well could be one of this year’s top buggy launches we attended this morning at John Lewis’ flagship London store. The Mima wowed us with sharp looks, clever design, attention to detail and practicality.”

That was back in 2011, and since then Mima has gone on to great things – constantly innovating and launching new products including the Mima Xari and Mima Kobi which both boast a 3-position seat recline; two height positions for the seat and the carrycot and reversible seat direction. The Mima Kobi buggy is also a convertible.  Check out our customer reviews for more feedback on our service and products too.

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