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According to Mutsy, the Urban Nomads, are the parents bringing up their children in a challenging, multi-cultural and diverse environment. This involves a great many differing factors of course. Usually trend-setters, they’re environmentally conscious, prefer to use public transport instead of cars, buy recyclable and biodegradable packaging and organize clothing swaps. They read the news and magazines online. They seek sustainable and mobile solutions, without compromising on the wellbeing of their babies or themselves.

Often found with smartphones or laptops in hand, these people live and work in urban areas. Instead of renting office space, they prefer popping into coffee shops where they can work in peace. They have flexible jobs and are mobile, exchanging one apartment for the other. With the emphasis on ergonomics and flexibility - a progressive design that is compact, lightweight and easy to store with natural colours and a trendy leather finish – Mutsy’s URBAN NOMAD range meets every requirement.

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