Quinny products look at home and function best in the urban environment. With a natural habitat that’s a city, it’s where parents feel completely at home, raising their children amongst the hustle and bustle of anything the city may throw at them. It’s a life full of bumps, bends and opportunities and the product range is designed with this lifestyle in mind.

Quinny create clever mobility solutions for parents on the go, allowing them to easily adapt to their surroundings.  From parasols and rain covers, through to cup holders and baby prams and strollers, there’s a huge selection like the Buzz Xtra with its strong looks, bold nature and tough wheels – ready to explore the city and any terrain beyond. Or how about the Quinny Yezz? Ideal for moving around town. When it’s folded, the shoulder strap leaves both hands free. Unfolding it only takes one hand, and its comfy hammock seat is perfect for relaxing or taking a nap.