The name, Wallaboo, was taken from the Wallaby, a small Australian Kangaroo. Inspired by the image of the baby wallaby sitting warm and protected in its mother’s pouch, the founders drew on this when developing their products.

The Wallaboo journey began back in 2006 as a one-off gift for a newborn. Cut by hand and sewn, the first product was a warm suede blanket. And that ethos has continued through to current times – where hand-made products and craftsmanship is still something they hold dear.

The products are authentic, and distributed around the globe – delighting parents and comforting babies worldwide. The brand now covers a wide variety of products from slings to blankets – all with the aim of making travel simple and comfortable. Parents love Wallaboo products as they are convenient, functional, stylish and made to last. All in gorgeous soft fabrics your baby will love.